InclusionToC – Theory of Change for the Inclusion of Women Migrants in VET

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  • Upskill VET staff and trainers to use the Theory Of Change (TOC).
  • Upskill migrant women by enhancing their soft skills and leadership competences.
  • Raise VET staff and trainers’ awareness about the obstacles related to the intersection of migration and gender inequality.
  • Help VET organisations use a participatory method (involving VET staff and migrant women) to apply TOC in VET institutions.
  • Empower migrant women and enhance their soft and leadership skills, to work as role-models in their own communities.


  • Mapping of practices already in use by VET organisations for the inclusion of migrant women to better identify their needs.
  • Development of the curriculum and learning materials for the design of a training course.
  • Guidance and support to VET organisations for including the TOC methodology into their work.
  • Organisation of trainings on leaderships, soft skills and self development for migrant women.


  • Training course on the importance of applying inclusion policies in VET and the use of the Theory of Change.
  • Digital platform for the participatory implementation of TOC for the development and application of inclusion strategies in VET organisations.
  • Training guide on leadership, self-development, and empowerment of migrant women.


  • Greater awareness on the importance and benefits of using inclusion practices for migrant women in VET education.
  • At least 20 respondents to a survey and 5 women and representatives of VET organisations involved in a focus group to understand their needs.
  • Empowerment of migrant women through the enhancement of their soft skills, their self awareness, self development and leadership skills.


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InclusionToC – Theory of Change for the Inclusion of Women Migrants in VET

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01/03/2022 – 01/03/2024

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KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training


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