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  • To foster cooperation and exchange of experiences and good practices in the field of young women empowerment and non-formal education.
  • To build a transnational mobility EU-Africa women Network to promote non-formal learning.
  • To improve the mobility of young people and youth workers, as well as youth employability.
  • To increase young women’s understanding of intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity.
  • To improve the quality and recognition of non-formal learning by developing educational programs in the field of media and new non-formal educational didactics.


  • Guidelines on EVS and Youth Mobility of women.
  • Public Reports on local project activities achievements in each partner country.


  • Carry out local research on the needs of young women and creation of a strategic report about the status of gender equality in partner countries.
  • Public campaigning on gender equality and women empowerment in each partner country.
  • Deliver national seminar on women and multimedia/ICT in each partner country.
  • Deliver international youth training on media, communication and gender equality, Slovenia.
  • Job shadowing opportunities in each partner country.
  • Experience short term European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Kenya and Italy.


  • Coordinator: KID PiNA (Slovenia)
  • De Lindenberg (Netherlands)
  • TYCEN – Tanzania Youth Cultural Exchange Network (Tanzania)
  • CAPEC – Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (Cameroon)
  • KVDA – Kenya Voluntary Development Association (Kenya)

Il progetto

EQUALITY for CHANGE – Gender equality through global capacity building

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Data di attuazione

01/02/2015 – 30/07/2016

Istituzione Finanziatrice

DG EAC, Erasmus+, Key Activity 2 – Capacity Building in the field of youth




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