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  • To increase awareness among young people and decision-makers that the global threats of climate change can only be tackled through international collaboration.
  • To build bridges and promote interaction between youth and decision-makers.
  • To increase awareness of decision-makers about concerns, expectations and pressing issues for young people on climate change.


  • 4-day Training event: Empowering Climate Youth Ambassadors: A Training for Youth Workers.
  • Two 10-day international training events: Global Debates – Glocal Solutions: Creating a Greener Future Together.
  • National Meeting for Danish Participants: Going Glocal: Youth Climate Ambassadors in Action.
  • Participants’ written essays on how to address climate change towards decision-makers.


  • Empowering 40 youth from Denmark, Lebanon, Jordan and Italy, primarily from rural areas, to address the issue of climate change with decision-makers and take an active part in the political life by using advocacy and debating skills.
  • Enhancing skills and knowledge of 16 youth workers to carry out trainings on advocacy and debating skills to empower youth from rural areas to actively participate in public affairs.
  • Enabling youth to use their new skills to increase awareness, about the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emission, among Danish students through the development and implementation of workshops together with professional facilitators.
  • Providing space for information-sharing and debate forum for mutual understanding about climate change as a common concern of the Countries involved.


The project

Project Number

Date of the project

12/10/2015 – 12/10/2016

DG of reference

DG EAC, Erasmus+ Key Action (KA3): Support for policy reform, Stakeholder dialogue and policy promotion – Dialogue between young people and policy makers




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