COME IN – Competences in Enterprises on Integration


  • To contribute to the efficient integration of refugees in European labour market.
  • To enhance staff managers’ competences and willingness to employ and to successfully interact with refugees and to integrate them into their organisations.
  • To support employers and their key staff (mainly human resources managers, in-company trainers and supervisors) when it comes to the employment, insertion and in-house training of refugees.
  • To mitigate existing concerns regarding hiring refugees by providing information and training concerning the most relevant aspects of refugee employment.


  • Transnational research report including a needs analysis, a collection of best practices and findings from online survey and interviews from all partner countries.
  • Curriculum based on previous research finding that will serve as a framework for the COME IN training.
  • Training pack consisting of learning units, training materials for face-to-face workshops, online content, etc. based on the curriculum and the results from the needs analysis.
  • Open online platform where learning and information materials will be shared and networks and community will be built.
  • Competence validation system based on the LEVEL5 approach.


  • Conducting transnational research including desk research, research of good practices, a needs analysis, an online survey and qualitative interviews to identify the learning needs of the key staff.
  • Developing a comprehensive training and support system including COME IN curriculum, training pack, learning materials and online platform and for key staff to facilitate the integration of refugees at the work place.
  • Mainstreaming the COME IN strategy and results to support the future utilisation and exploitation.


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