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  • To recruit three migrants and train them to become trainers, including official accreditation where possible. This includes definition of the qualifications and registrations required, use of Accreditation of Prior Learning, gap-filling with host country training, any limitations on employment (e.g. public sector)
  • To support the new Migrant Trainers to translate the training material into the migrant language
  • To organise and operate pilot training courses, to include a minimum of 50 migrants. These will normally be half-day or one-day courses


  • Train a small number of migrants to become trainers in their own languages
  • Translate existing training courses into the migrant languages and deliver these
  • Delivery own-language basic training in more languages and more workplaces


  • State of the Art report: The need for own-language training for migrants, and the current situation in partner countries. Background information and statistics
  • CLARITY Handbook: How to create a training course to support migrants’ access to employment
  • CLARITY – Peer-to-peer Training material: Health Promotion and prevention techniques for ROAD SAFETY for French-speaking adults living in Italy


  • Coordinator: Point Europa (United Kingdom)
  • Volkshilfe (Austria)
  • Pistes Solidaires (France)
  • INIT (Germany)
  • TREBAG (Hungary)
  • Weiterbildungskolleg (Germany)
  • SOROS (Romania)

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The project

Date of the project

01/10/2009 – 01/08/2011

DG of reference

DG EAC, LLP National Agency (United Kingdom) – Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation




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