A.T.H.E.N.A. – Addressing Training to SPOC as Hub of a European Network of law enforcement Agencies

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  • To offer comprehensive training on the different EU police communication channels and EU information exchange mechanisms and instruments
  • To exchange best practices regarding the functioning of Single Points of Operational Contact (SPOCs), and/or to establish a format for regular contacts of SPOC heads and staff, focusing on training needs and activities
  • To identify common workflow requirements for SPOCs in Member States and development of related guidelines as a basis for SPOC staff training


  • Developing an effective coordination of training on law enforcement information exchange for SPOCs staff and relevant SPOC “stakeholders”
  • Organising awareness campaigns on SPOCs activities
  • Promoting a common law enforcement culture and creation of a consolidated proactive network of SPOC Heads and staff
  • Creating a repository of good practices regarding training on EU law enforcement information exchange, taking into account related existing curricula and results of related initiatives
  • Setting up of an European Network of SPOC staff and Heads of SPOC


  • National quality manual for international law enforcement cooperation
  • SPOC training platform (on line learning modules, webinar, educators’ support)
  • SPOC Roadshows, local seminars for raising interest in SPOC activities in favor of field officers
  • Study visits in EU and EU associated countries, Workshop on study visit outcomes, Meeting for discussion on SPOC training tools proposals, training strategy – modules included


  • Coordinator: Ministero dell’Interno – Direzione Centrale della Polizia Criminale – SCIP Servizio per la Cooperazione Internazionale di Polizia (Italy)
  • State Police Latvia (Latvia)
  • General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (Romania)
  • The Malta Police Force (Malta)
  • Ministry of Interior – International Operational Cooperation (Bulgaria)
  • Ministry of Interior – Deputy State Secretariat for EU and International Relations (Hungary)
  • Belgian Federal Police (Belgium)
  • Southeast European Law Enforcement Center – SELEC (Romania)
  • CESIE (Italy)

The project

Project Number

Date of the project

15/06/2017 – 14/12/2019

DG of reference

DG HOME, Internal Security Fund – Police, Law Enforcement Training [HOME/2015/ISFP/AG/LETX]



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