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  • To develop social capital among the volunteers providing opportunities for learning outside formal educational structures.
  • To strengthen volunteers future employability helping them to acquire new professional competencies through non-formal learning activities, which aim at enhancing the skills and competencies as well as their development as active citizens.
  • To facilitate access to new knowledge and develop new linguistic and intercultural competencies.
  • To create new educational tools and learning methods aimed at developing behavioural and social competencies, pursuing a social inclusion of the people in the centres for the disabled.
  • To raise awareness on the issues faced by individuals living with mental and physical disorders in their daily life.
  • To promote community development, active participation and citizenship through the presence of EVS volunteers at both EU and local levels.


  • Working in an intercultural context the volunteers are involved in non-formal learning activities and in activities aimed at designing and implementing fundraising and awareness campaigns focused on inclusion and integration of people with disabilities in the social tissue of the local community.
  • Research activities on social inclusion interventions and exchange of methodologies with European partners with a special focus on disability.
  • Entertainment and pedagogical activities with and for people living with a disability.


  • Hosting of 12 volunteers split into two rounds (6 + 6) for 9 months each.
  • “Follow Up” Diary to share a realistic idea about the EVS as a highly formative and enriching experience, and the social inclusion processes that took place during 9 months involving volunteers, disabled people, and the local community [Booklet].
  • Local Community Exhibition: pictures and texts realized by the participants, reporting creative activities and the human experiences during their European Voluntary Service, EVS.


  • Coordinator: CESIE (Italy)
  • La Fraternità Società cooperativa sociale (Italy)
  • Edificando società cooperativa sociale (Italy)
  • Fekete Sereg Ifjúsági Egyesület (Hungary)
  • Solidarites Jeunesses MCP (France)
  • Asociación Mundus – Un Mundo a tus Pies (Spain)
  • Projektor Ideell Förening (Sweden)
  • Jugend- und Kulturprojekt e.V (Germany)

The project

Project Number

Date of the project

01/12/2015 – 01/12/2017

DG of reference

DG EAC, National Agency (Italy), Erasmus+ Key Activity 1, Mobility of learners and staff – YOUTH mobility




Info & contacts

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