2IQM – Initiative for an International Qualitative Mentoring


  • To improve the access to employment of young people by a volunteering experience.
  • To foster the quality of tutoring for young volunteers, suitable tutoring benefits for the host organisations themselves as it contributes to the improvement of volunteers’ efficiency and to the positive impact on the local community they are serving.
  • To ensure a qualitative tutoring in an international context.
  • To reinforce and professionalize youth organisations’ tutoring capacity and improve the quality of young volunteers’ tutoring throughout their whole experience in order to maximize its positive impact along their personal and/or professional development.


  • Training on tutoring and management of volunteers (France).
  • European Voluntary Service mobility (Thailand, United States, Vietnam).
  • Job shadowing (Thailand, United States and Vietnam).
  • Final seminar and launch of the Online Mentoring Tool (Palermo).

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Date of project

01/10/2015 – 30/09/2017


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