#tu6scuola: Promoting Change in Education Policies

Friday 21 December 2018

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#tu6scuola: Promoting Change in Education Policies

21 December 2018News, School

Municipalities, schools, organisations, foundations, universities and cooperatives are part of #tu6scuola partnership. The project aims to create a participatory educational mode, considering students as main actors and not just as beneficiaries of such services. Moreover, it involves local communities in the learning path of young people, so as to transform them in drivers of political and educational change.

The project officially started on September 4th, 2018 with the kick-off meeting in Milan, when Community Coordinators had the opportunity to plan and discuss the action plan to be implemented in the first part of the project. We are now ready to carry out several activities involving different local actors in Palermo area.

#tu6scuola is a project coordinated by CIAI - Centro Italiano Aiuti all'Infanzia (Italian Centre for Aid to Children) and aims to prevent and counteract early school leaving among teenagers aged 11 - 14 by developing motivational, guidance and inclusive tools. It sets out an innovative and sustainable educational model, based on the educational and social experiences of partner organisations.

Six Italian communities (located in Northern, Central and Southern Italy) participate in this three-year project. CESIE is the Community Coordinator of Palermo area along with the Municipality of Palermo, “Amari-Roncalli-Ferrara” Secondary School, and other local organisations. #tu6scuola will run workshops aimed at students, families and teachers.

Based on participative educational methods, the project strives to promote a stimulating school model offering different learning and participatory experiences to students.

In October 2018, CESIE - along with SEND, Officina Creativa Interculturale and Nahuel - visited Amari-Roncalli-Ferrara school to present the guidance and counselling programme designed to assist students and their parents. We introduced interdisciplinary workshops and extra-curricular activities such as dance classes, football and “Saltaclasse” workshops. “Saltaclasse” (“Skip the class”) is an innovative way to deliver lessons, as students will join forces to create a Gamebook, having first-grade students as its main characters.

Besides delivering more workshops for students, in the upcoming months #tu6scuola team will launch professional development courses for teachers, work towards improving school facilities and set up Educational Communities in each area.

We are eager to start #tu6scuola and inspire children to discover a sense of belonging to their school and their community, in order to fight early school leaving and allow each student to take ownership of their learning.

About the project

#tu6scuola is a project funded by CON I BAMBINI Impresa Sociale - Bando adolescenza 11 -17 anni - Fondo per il Contrasto della Povertà Educativa Minorile (Together with Children - Social Enterprise - Call for projects aimed at teenagers aged 11 -17 – Funds to Counteract Educational Poverty).

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