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Wednesday 17 May 2023

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On the 3rd and 4th of May 2023, the Consortium of the In&In Education projectmet in Athens, in order to discuss the progress of the project’s results and the planning of the next project’s activities.

During the two-day meeting, the partners worked on setting the goal for each project’s result, defining the timelines for the implementation of the activities related to the project’s outcomes, specifically:

  • Mapping of resources and good practices in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), Palermo (Italy) and Athens (Greece) to favour the inclusion and educational continuity of girls and boys with migrant background, using the intersectional approach: a field analysis is being conducted in each project’s country, through interviews and questionnaires with teachers, school principals, educational authorities and third sector organizations involved in educational and social inclusion of migrants, with the aim of gathering information on the different contexts concerning the existence of inclusive practices, targeted to the population with a migrant background. The results of the field analysis will be used for the definition of a mapping with good practices, which will be shared among schools and the educational communities, among students and families, in order to be used as a tool to foster inclusion actions.
  • Interactive training module for teachers on the educational inclusion of students with migrant origin with an intersectional approach: the development of the content that will be part of the training module is in progress. The training module will be digitalised and shared with teachers and educators from all school levels. The course will be in OER (Open educational resource) mode, and it will be possible for users to attend it through a self-guided path. The course aims to strengthen teachers’ and educators’ competences in relation to practices of inclusion of students (boys and girls) with migrant background, considering all the intersecting elements of gender, sex, belonging, origin, religion etc. which could lead to exclusion and discrimination. Teachers and educators can adopt the different methodologies that will be included in the training module, in their educational practices at school, with the aim of contrasting school dropout and promoting the educational continuity of minority groups.
  • Testimonial video of women and men with migrant origin with their professional and personal paths, to be used as a reference for students: in each project country, men and women with inspiring stories, will be involved in video-interviews, in which they will share their experiences from personal, educational, and professional perspectives, which can serve as inspiration for students belonging to secondary school. The video will be accompanied by a teacher’s guide with instructions on how to use the video as an educational resource in classroom, with the aim to enhance the paths of male and female students with migrant backgrounds, and also to contrast prejudice and stereotypes and promote interculturality and inclusion.

In the following months, the organizations involved in the project will continue to work on the development of the project outcomes, with the main goal of promoting inclusive practices in the educational field, through the intersectional approach.

About the project

In&In Education – Inclusive education with an intersectional approach, for the school success of Girls and Boys of migrant origin is a project funded by the program Erasmus+: KA220-SCH – Cooperation partnerships in school education.


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