SymfoS: New manuals and materials for distance learning now available

Monday 18 February 2019

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SymfoS: New manuals and materials for distance learning now available

18 February 2019News, School

SymfoS project is enhanced by three new manuals and a new section of the website dedicated to online training, available at

What’s new in SymfoS and who are the manuals for?

  •  The Train the Trainer (TtT) Curriculum (IO3) presents the structure, guidelines and ethical principles of the training program and answers the following questions: What is the profile of the participants? What is the teaching approach used and the skills of SymfoS counsellors?
  • The Counselling Scenarios (IO4) presents step by step, and through case studies, how the various SymfoS interventions are applied, including the “Resources and competences pathway”, the “Islands of emotions” and the “Inner images”.
  • Finally, the Transfer handbook for SymfoS methodology (IO7) is aimed at the directors of vocational training centres, employment centres, NGOs, public offices and schools that offer guidance services to their users and students. The Transfer handbook illustrates the technical requirements for a correct adoption of the methodology.

 The news on the SymfoS learning platform:

  • The Trainer-area where to find additional training materials, such as case studies and video tutorials.
  • The Forum section offers users the opportunity to ask questions related to different aspects of the methodology, international trainers will answer in the project languages.

 Some of these results were presented the 16th of November 2018 in Palermo at the European Conference SymfoS: Counselling with symbols. A holistic methodology for school and professional counselling

CESIE brought together the international partnership of SymfoS, in Italy for the final meeting of the project, and 40 participants among social workers, psychologists, teachers, trainers, counsellors and youth workers who carry out guidance activities especially for disadvantaged young people.

The European Conference took place at the headquarters of the Fondazione degli Assistenti Sociali Regione Sicilia (Via Torino 27 / D, Palermo) and with the collaboration of the Foundation itself and of the Ordine degli Assistenti Sociali della Regione Sicilia.

After the greeting of the President of the Foundation Giuseppe Ciulla, three main interventions followed. Paul Schober, Coordinator of the SymfoS project and President of Hafelekar (Austria), presented the genesis of the project, the experiences and the impacts obtained. Manila Raimondo, Trainer and guidance counsellor, intervened with the speech: “Comparing operational tools. Symbol as a donation and sharing of meaning”. Finally, Caterina Impastato, Project Manager responsible for the SymfoS project on behalf of CESIE, presented the learning resources and the Transfer handbook.

In the second part of the Conference the audience actively participated in the two demonstration sessions of the SymfoS techniques:

  1. The “Resources & Competences pathway” led by Julia Isasi, SymfoS trainer of CESIE.
  2. The “Islands of emotions” led by Stefan Henke, SymfoS trainer from Sozialwerk Düren, Germany.

 The participants’ observations once again showed how the orientation with the symbols, which in the context of the project is aimed at disadvantaged young people, can be used for the benefit of everyone, including adults and individuals looking for a professional change. The participants of the Conference declared themselves interested in applying the methodology in the school environment with small groups of students, with young migrants, but also with adults and professionals. The interest shown by local stakeholders opens the way for opportunities of further development of the project. We invite all those interested in SymfoS methodology to consult the manuals published on the website and to use the Forum for further questions

Sul progetto About the project

SymfoS project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership VET with the main aim to trigger substantial improvements in the education and career guidance systemfor disadvantaged youth in Europe by implementing an innovative counselling method using sets of symbols.


SymfoS partnership holds together 6 organisations:

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If you are interesting in joining the local SymfoS trainers network, please contact Caterina Impastato or Julia Isasi

NE(W)AVE- A greener, fairer and more democratic future

NE(W)AVE- A greener, fairer and more democratic future

At the NE(W)AVE’s final conference on 31st August, CESIE presented the project’s results and products, while key-speakers from renewable energy companies and other relevant stakeholders presented the unexplored potential of the green sector.

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