Reflections on our journey: Skills4Life at the 18th EPEA 2023 conference and training seminar

Friday 14 July 2023

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Skills4Life aims to help youth in conflict with the law and at risk acquire practical tools to reintegrate into society after their release by expanding the resources and skills of educational staff in detention facilities and juvenile communities.

To celebrate the upcoming conclusion of Skills4life, some staff members presented their achievements during the 18th EPEA conference. The data were also illustrated during the 2023 training seminar, which was held in Tonsberg, Norway.

Between June 13th and 17th some staff members of the Skills4Life project travelled from the UK, Greece, Italy and France to participate in a week full of discussions, workshops and visits to different secure settings in the area, that brought together professionals and experts in the field of prison education from all Europe, organized by also one of the Skills4Life project partners, EPEA.

The Skills4Life team showcased the background, distinctive approach and underlying philosophy of the project, together with the lessons learnt from the activities conducted in every country and the prospects for the future. By sharing these fundamental elements, the group inspired and engaged conference attendees, encouraging them to explore new perspectives and innovative practices in their own contexts of prison education.

Being able to participate on the 18th EPEA Conference and Training Seminar was a precious opportunity to collectively brainstorm on the future of prison education, to learn about other organizations and projects and to share the educational resources developed inside Skills4Life, that can be downloaded from our website and freely used by anyone interested.

As the Skills4Life Project reaches an end, its legacy continues to inspire and transform the field of prison education, leaving a lasting impact on individuals and organizations committed to social progress and reintegration.

Would you like to know more about the tools and results realized by the project? Attend the event “New Educational Tools for Youth Transversal Skills” on July 20 at Moltivolti or contact Alice Valenza:

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Skills4Life – Life Skills 4 Life After Prison: Sowing the Seeds of Social Inclusion for Young Offenders is financed by Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic partnerships for youth, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.


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