Second Chance Education lands in Sicily: the GEN Y/Z SCOODLE project

Thursday 1 April 2021

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How to support young tutors to enhance their competences and have them recognized? And how to facilitate the engagement of marginalized youths in educational paths? CESIE’s project GEN Y/Z SCOODLE responds to this two-fold challenge by placing itself in the European scene of Second Chance Education, and introducing this reality in the local context.

From the 3rd to the 4th of March 2021 CESIE participated, together with the other partners, in the first meeting of the project Gen Y/Z SCOODLE – Second Chance Online Opportunities for the Development of Learning for Engagement.

Gen Y/Z SCOODLE addresses primarely young professionals that wish to acquire new competences and/or validate the ones that they already possess in the field of tutoring for youths coming from conditions of social marginalization. The project places itself in the vein of Second Chance Education (SCE), a reality present in many European contexts, that employs non-formal educational methodologies to prevent and combat school drop-out, educational poverty and youth unemployment. The risk of social exclusion and youth unemployment is, indeed, increasingly higher in European countries, especially in the south of Europe, and is exacerbated by the pandemic, which affects especially the work integration of youths belonging to the generations Y (25-29 years old) and Z (15-24 years old).

During the 24 moths of the project, the consortium intends to formalize the figure of the Young SCE Tutor by creating a Competence Framework for the formal recognition and accreditation of this professional figure and developing the related training material. The material will then be adapted to the local contexts, tested and validated in a pilot phase that will directly involve a group of young professionals interested in the program, and will allow them to experiment and learn on the job the competences necessary to become a Second Chance Education Tutor. The results of the pilot phase will converge in a digital guide useful to readapt the educational tools to other contexts and, therefore, multiply their impact. The goal of the project is, indeed, to facilitate the creation of a community of young professionals in Second Chance Education that are able to include and engage other marginalized youths, in an effort of mutual emancipation and strengthening of the ability of both groups to face the challenges of tomorrow

The Kick – Off Meeting offered the partnership the opportunity to discuss the specifics of local contexts, to reflect on the methodological principles and exchange practical experiences in the sector. As a result of the two-day meeting the transnational working group has developed an action plan for the next phase of the project: a research in the local contexts on the needs and competences of young educators that operate with marginalized youths, useful to orient the creation of the Competence Framework and the training program. The project, funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission is implemented by a consortium of 7 organizations coming from a variety of European countries: Greece, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Italy. CESIE will contribute to the production of all project materials and to the pilot phase, and will host an international training event for the members of the consortium in the summer 2022.

About the project

Gen Y/Z SCOODLE – Second Chance On-Line Opportunities for the Development of Learning for Engagement is cofinanced by Erasmus + KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Youth, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.


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