Women and girls more aware thanks to safe spaces

Tuesday 8 August 2023

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Promoting and supporting the social and labour inclusion of women and adolescents survivors of trafficking or gender-based violence is the main objective of SAFE HUT, a project that aims to create pathways to self-determination for immigrant women in vulnerable situations.

One strategy that is functional for the inclusion of women and girls exposed to trafficking and/or gender-based violence is the establishment of safe places called WGSS (Women and Girls Safe Spaces), i.e. spaces co-created with women and girls who are supported through empowerment processes.

In fact, it is precisely thanks to the existence of Women and Girl Safe Spaces such as the one created by the PENC Centre in Palermo that empowerment and support activities can be realised in safe and secure spaces for women who participate.

In July CESIE and the Penc Centre worked to analyse who at a local level among public and private institutions, communities and civil society organisations present in the Palermo area could not only support the activities already present at the Penc centre but also promote new forms of workshops and growth paths to ensure a sustainable emancipation path over time.

Trafficking in human beings is a violation of human rights rooted in gender inequalities and is an increasingly growing phenomenon. In this context, we believe that collaboration at the territorial level between stakeholders involved in combating this phenomenon is indispensable in order to allow potential beneficiaries to take advantage of this space and other external experts to contribute to the growth and sustainability of these places.

Find out how you can contribute to the strengthening of actions in this space or learn more about future offers for beneficiaries.

About the project

SAFE HUT – Holding safe spaces for women and girls’ empowerment is a project funded for the European Commission, DG for Migration and Home Affairs (HOME), Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).


For further information

Read the project sheet and contact Cristina Idonebefecadu: cristina.idonebefecadu@cesie.org.