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Thursday 20 May 2021

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Have you ever wondered why violence is still so present in our societies? Have you ever asked yourself what you can do about it?

These have been the leading questions behind the REC – Reflect Experiment Capture project, while creativity, motivation, awareness and collaboration have been the answer as the leading forces of young people against violence.

In the last year and a half REC has worked hard to promote the education and the sensitization of young people in Spain, Germany, Kenya, Indonesia & Italy to build more tolerant, emphatic and nonviolent communities using art, experimental filmmaking and peer learning to develop their critical thinking.

Two years full of activities

Experimental videomaking: Theory & Practice

Young people from partner countries have created creative experimental videos to contrast violence during the REC Labs organized in each country. Using experimental photography, the creation of masks, land art, textile collage and shadow theatre they expressed themselves freely against different types of violence. Have a look at our Video Collection.

Check out the REC Methodological Guide, available in English, Spanish, Italian, Bahasa Indonesia, Swahili and German to implement these great activities with your young people.


Shorter versions of the labs have also been implemented in partner countries. Using peer-learning methodology, more young people have had the chance to express their creativity with the aid of former REC participants. You can find their creations here.

Local Exhibitions

Local exhibitions of young people’s productions are being organized in each partner country. In Italy, more than 50 people from around the world participated in our January edition!

Video Contest

REC launched an international video contest for young people to share their video creations against violence and give space for their voice to be heard. Find the videos on our website and YouTube Channel.

Coming up this autumn…

Documentary Film

A Documentary Film will be launched containing the experience of growth, peer learning and some of the best times of young people while producing REC’s experimental videos.

Digital REC Methodological Guide

Keeping up with the Covid-19 reality, the Guide will be adapted for activities to be conducted fully digitally.

International Film Festival in Indonesia

All of our hopes are still up to be able to attend the International Film Festival that REC will organize in Indonesia. If sanitary and security conditions allow it, four participants from each partner country will have the chance to visit Indonesia and participate in the Festival!

Stay updated with our latest news and testimonies through our Blog.

About the project

REC – Reflect Experiment Capture Experimental Filmmaking to Prevent Violence and Empower Disadvantaged Young People is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme – Key Action 2 – Capacity Building in the field of youth.


For further information

Read more about scheda progetto, see the project website and follow us on YouTube.

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The EU-CARES vernissage: urban conflict in analog photography

The EU-CARES vernissage: urban conflict in analog photography

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