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Friday 17 February 2023

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Have you ever thought that change starts with ourselves? Each one of us can be an active part of change, but when you join forces and work as a team, you can achieve extraordinary results.

This was the spirit with which five different groups of young people took up the challenge of the REBUILD project, rebuilding the city they live in using the social values of integration and respect for the environment.

The initiatives proposed are the following:

  • TU SEI LA CITTÀ has created a prototype of a ‘curious’ ashtray, where through a transparent case it will be possible to throw a cigarette butt to answer hilarious but also challenging questions. #RebuildTheCity
  • The GAP community has built an interactive map of the city of Palermo that will allow all new foreign youngsters arriving in the city to get to know the meeting places, places of worship and all the possible places of interest in 5 different languages. #RebuildAmuniCumpa
  • The STELLARIA community is preparing an Eco-Festival: an outdoor event where sport and ecology will merge into a moment of community gathering and social awareness. #rebuildEcoFestival
  • The group RebuildYourThoughts is preparing an analysis of local newspapers that include social prejudices and stereotypes in their articles.  #rebuildYourThoughts
  • And last but not least, the MEDITERRANEO community has renovated an abandoned and disused part of its facility as a community space, where agriculture, sport and art blend in harmony with the outdoor landscape. #rebuildthemediterranean

The ideas, commitment and results achieved by these groups of young people can be seen on @rebuildpalermo’s social pagesFacebookTwitter Instagram.

In the first half of March we will launch a voting, that will allow all followers to vote for their favorite idea and let one of these groups winparticipation in the youth summit to be held in Brusselsin the first week of May.

Follow the social profile and don’t miss all the updates from these enthusiastic young people and our initiatives! In March we will also organize a community festival where you can meet the protagonists of this adventure! #staytuned

For more information contact Alice Valenza:

About the project

REBUILD – Rebuilding society through youth engagement is a project funded by the program EACEA (Key Action 3 – European Youth Together), and is aimed at rebuilding youth civic participation after the COVID19 pandemic.


For further information

Read the project sheet, visit the website and follow us on FacebookTwitter e Instagram.

Contact Alice Valenza: