Positive psychology, resilience and socio-emotional wellbeing: prevention of early school leaving

Tuesday 22 December 2020

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With the Europe 2020 Strategy, the European Commission introduced three development priorities for the decade 2010-2020: smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Education was identified as a fundamental factor for economic and social inclusion. Yet, the phenomenon still poses serious challenges on the European level, making it necessary both to introduce common preventive measures since the first stages of education and to create innovative educational instruments, tailored for the specific needs of students.

This is what the Erasmus+ project THRIVE pursued during two years, through an international team from Ireland, Italy, Malta, Romania, Austria. Partners actively collaborated for the creation of a teaching approach, able to respond to early school leaving, strengthen the resilience and socio-psychological well-being of its young victims, promote safe educational environments and positive relations educators-students.

THRIVE partnership analysed the needs of students and educators from second chance educational institutes, researched and shared good practices for the development of positive educational environments. These activities resulted in an online training programme, aimed to support teachers and educators in the challenging task of preventing early school leaving. The modules, enriched by case studies and practical activities, provide teachers and educators with innovative tools for the creation of Trauma Informed Second Chance Education Settings and for the use of practices ensuring teachers’ wellbeing.

Check out the online training programme THRIVE:  https://thrivelearning.eu/

(available in English, Italian, Maltese, Austrian, Romanian)

About the project

THRIVE – Training Hope, wellbeing, and Resilience in Vulnerable Early school leavers is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships for adult education.


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