Parents and role in the educational journey: best practices for inclusive education

Wednesday 31 January 2024

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Dropping out of school by students with migrant backgrounds is an unfortunately widespread phenomenon. Likewise, it is a major challenge for Italian schools to be able to involve foreign parents in the educational journey of their sons and daughters. ParentsEngage has so far worked to strengthen teachers’ skills in fostering productive relationships with families of pupils with migrant backgrounds.

The international workshop, held in Brussels on January 25th, successfully concludes the two-year ParentsEngage project. During the workshop, the good practices and successful strategies implemented within the ParentsEngage project were also highlighted. Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas, creating a network for the exchange of knowledge and mutual support.

After an overview of the results achieved by the project, the audience was engaged in a training session conducted by Miquel Essomba, a professor and researcher at the Faculty of Education Sciences at UAB, an expert in inclusive education, education policy, and intercultural education. Several studies conducted by the university’s research group were presented, providing a unique opportunity to reflect not only on the fundamental role of parents in children’s educational journey and that of teachers but also on the importance of open and constant dialogue and effective cooperation among the various stakeholders involved in the field of education.

The project partners have shown enthusiasm for the success of the international workshop and the rich discussions and knowledge exchanges that took place during the event. The experience has strengthened the determination to continue promoting inclusive education and active parental involvement in their children’s educational journey.

The workshop has demonstrated that through international collaboration and the sharing of strategies and good practices, it is possible to create a more inclusive and engaging educational environment. The results achieved in the ParentsEngage project and the discussions that emerged during the workshop serve as a solid starting point for further initiatives aimed at promoting parental engagement and valuing the role of educators.

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