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Monday 27 June 2022

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On June, 16th CESIE has organised an event in the amazing venue of Palermo Youth Center (PYC) in Villa Trabia to celebrate with the young Paclife participants their goals, talk about the importance of being active citizens in our local communities and to present relevant stakeholders in the youth arena the Training Programme, which will be soon available in Italian our website here .

The event was part of a larger event organized by CESIE on the topic of youth participation entitled “Youth and Community: building solid relationship and new perspectives”. This larger event lasted from 13.30 to 20.30 and shortly after its beginning the PAClife ME begun (from 14.00 to 17.00).

CESIE has invited representatives of youth organizations and the third sector, as well as the participants to the pilot project (i.e. the young participants) and decided to open this event also to the young people the stakeholder organisations work with, so as to 1) better disseminate PAClife results (the new Training programme, IO2) and methodology and 2) to give other young people the opportunity to know first-hand PAClife potentiality to foster their own well-being.

The ME of PAClife project has been thought to be an opportunity to talk about important topics, such as: How the relation between community and youth can be built? Why volunteering placements can be an opportunity for young people to thrive? Which kind of benefits are expectable? How PAClife Programme can help build young people resilience?

We have presented the project core objectives and results. We have also introduced the basic principles of the PYD approach and gave a thorough overview of the 5 “Cs” model application within the youth field, reporting our young people’s feedback about the whole experience (training + placement), inviting them and the organisations which hosted their volunteer placements to share their feedback. Moreover, a few activities were selected from the PAClife Training Programme (IO2) and implemented with both stakeholders and youth.

Overall, it has been a positive experience, where relevant topics have been collectively discussed and the efficacy of the PAClife Training Programme has been proved. The increased motivation of the young people who participated in the PAClife training course has been acknowledged by the organisation where they have volunteered, as well as their greater awareness regarding the strategies to promote their own as well as their peers wellbeing, and these results surely will lead other organisations in this field to adopt the PAClife methodology and use the activities offered within its programme!

If you want to use Paclife learning materials with the young people you work with or if you want to explore better the young people experiences during the project lifetime, please visit our website here .

About the project

PAClife – Physical and Cultural Activity for Lifeskills Development is a project cofunded by Eramsus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for youth, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.


For further information

See the project website and read more about PAClife.

Contact Alice Schirosa:

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