MigrAction goes to EU Lab Summer School of Università Federico II di Napoli

Friday 14 July 2023

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MigrAction, which supports the entrepreneurial development of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, has been identified as a model to be replicated in areas of the European Union not yet included in the programme. The important acknowledgment took place in Naples, at the National Research Center (CNR), reached by MigrAction thanks to the invitation of Giovanni Carlo Bruno, researcher of international law.

As part of the Summer School on Labor Migration in the EU, MigrAction was awarded a place in the ‘Labour Migration Roundtable’ which took place on 3 July from 16-18.30. The Summer School was organized by the Law Department of the Federico II University of Naples, in collaboration with the Institute for Research and Innovation and the Development of Services of the National Research Council.

During the meeting, the CESIE team, on behalf of the MigrAction Project consortium, spoke with the ten enrolled students – both face-to-face and online – and with Giovanni Carlo Bruno and Christ Nzi Richmond, founder and CEO of Mygrants and Pickme.

The idea of the round table was to bring a “bottom-up perspective” on the labor market for migrants and asylum seekers, thus completing the interventions, of a purely legal nature, made by the other speakers during the two weeks of the Summer School. The round table therefore intended to combine theoretical perspectives with practical insights into the daily reality of migrant workers and their effective enjoyment of socio-economic rights in the territory of the Union.

Since June 26, the Guarino Library of the Federico II University of Naples has seen a large participation from the academic world, mainly in the field of international law and human rights.

Thanks to the valuable participation of Mygrants and the strong participation of the students of the Summer School, the round table raised issues related to digitization, innovation, dematerialized work and migrations, and also allowed for discussions on the effectiveness of the models in terms of migrant work.

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About MigrAction

MigrAction is an Erasmus+KA2 project, funded by the European Commission. Its main objective is to support the entrepreneurial development of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees by engaging professionals from the business and social world as mentors for inclusive entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it will design a digital environment for business incubation and mentoring programmes, while also developing an application that facilitates the retrieval of financial and legal information by new migrant entrepreneurs.


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