Human trafficking survivors need comprehensive support

Friday 3 June 2022

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Did you know that according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, human trafficking in Italy is the third source of income for criminal organizations, after arms and drugs trade?

Did you know that trafficking for sexual exploitation remains the most prevalent in the EU?

Did you know that asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants, especially women and unaccompanied minors are most at risk of becoming victims of trafficking?

The EU Anti-Trafficking Directive 2011/36/EU defines trafficking in human beings as “a serious crime, often committed within the framework of organised crime, a gross violation of fundamental rights and explicitly prohibited by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.” Due to the gender-dimension of the issue, the European Institute for Gender Equality defines this crime as a “gendered, severe and sustained form of violence against women” (EIGE, 2018) that causes a variety of severe consequences for the victims, including psychological, physical and sexual harms.

The most recent findings of the fifth EU-wide data collection on traffking in human beings in the EU for the years 2017-2018 show that 14.145 victims were registered by member states (EU-27), of these over 60% were trafficked for sexual exploitation and 72% were female.

We all agree that trafficking in human beings is today one of the most serious forms of human rights violation, rooted in gender inequalities and in order to combat this phenomenon it is necessary to coordinate our efforts for the development of an emancipation path aimed at all those at risk.

Few months ago at CESIE we launched a new project: WINGS – Supporting Women survivors of trafficking through a Comprehensive Integration Programme, co-funded by the AMIF programme of the European Union. WINGS aims to stimulate local and transnational cooperation and sharing of experiences regarding language training, psychological support and personalized employment counselling to vulnerable women as well as to facilitate durable solutions for the integration of those women in the host societies and for their empowerment.

In collaboration with our national – Libera contro le mafie and psychology expert from Centro PENC, a linguistic expert and an employability expert – and international partners – KMOP, SURT and Payoke – we will develop a generic framework for a survivor-centred integration and tailored local programmes that will be delivered in Italy, Greece, Spain and Belgium.

With WINGS we will also raise awareness among local companies about important role of business sector in supporting vulnerable groups and providing opportunities to our women and sensitize general public and policy makers regarding survivor-centred integration strategies.

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About the project

WINGS is co-funded by the AMIF programme (DG Home Affairs – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) of the European Union.


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