Holistic approaches for the job placement of migrant women in Europe

Monday 18 January 2021

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NAME and the Jobpackage methodology

Is it possible to support migrant women to reach an authentic and self-determinated personal and work independence? Are there any innovative methodologies designed with this goal?

NAME – New Actions for Migrant WomEn is a project implemented by CESIE that revolves around an innovative holistic methodology for the strengthening of personal, social and technical competences of women with a migration background, with the goal to facilitate their integration into the labour market.

The Jobpackage as a tool of emancipation

The Jobpackage Methodology employed by the NAME project is designed to prepare migrant women to the labour market through a holistic approach. The methodology starts from the analysis of each participant’s resources and gaps to then co-develop a personally tailored educational and networking path that guides them towards job placement. Through a staircase approach, women are accompanied step by step, from the beginning to the end of the journey: from the strengthening of soft and hard skills, to the elaboration of strategies for their physical and mental wellbeing, to the creation of a bridge with the labour market through the establishment of multi-stakeholder roundtables responsible for the analysis of each particular case and the facilitation of virtuous networks for the job placement of participants.

Joint Staff Training and the creation of the Jobpackage Programme

In mid-December all project partners met in the Joint Staff Training: a three-day training and discussion event focused on the goals, structure, content and implementation methods of the Jobpackage in each partner country. The Joint Staff Training allowed to clarify the next steps in the project implementation.

After completing the preliminary research phase on the occupational situation of migrant women in Europe, partners in Italy, Denmark, Spain, Cyprus and Lithuania will now implement the Jobpackage Programmes: activity and training packages dedicated to groups of women with a migration background. This training course will alternate individual and collective moments related to multiple thematic modules focused on the development of basic soft skills, work-related language learning, rehabilitation methods for health and wellbeing, and work-related digital skills learning. Starting from January 2021, each partner will start formulating proposals on the specific methodologies and activities to be included in the Jobpackage Programme.

This journey will conclude with the creation of Jobpackage Councils composed by multidisciplinary experts that will support partners in guiding participants towards their future work path. Finally, partners will produce a Handbook that will collect stories, challenges and lessons learned from the activities implemented in each partner country.

About the project

NAME – New Actions for Migrant WomEn is cofinanced by Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for adult education.


For further information

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