The Green League Model: ideas and strategies for sustainable sports practices

Tuesday 31 October 2023

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Do you love sports and believe in the importance of environmental issues? The Green League Model is now available online!

The Green League Model is a framework that sports organizations and professionals can use to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in sports. Specifically, the model proposes guidelines, tips, suggestions and best practices for planning and implementing environmentally sustainable sports events that can promote awareness and education with respect to the importance of protecting the ecosystem.

Whether it is a single soccer game or a nationwide basketball tournament, attention to the environment hosting the event should be very high. The Green League Model therefore supports event organization at all stages, specifically:

  • Organisation: How to structure sport clubs to be green
  • Implementation: How to organise green sports activities and events
  • Promotion: How to promote the green sports event to raise awareness

The Model is a useful tool, created as part of the Green League project, that can generate and raise awareness about environmental issues and the importance of preserving our planet!

Visit our website to view the model and stay updated to learn about upcoming wilderness sporting events taking place in Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, and Iceland!

About the project

Green League – Sport alliance for the environment is a project funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme – cooperation partnership – sport – that aims to improve the link between sport and the environment through experiential learning, promoting outdoor physical activity as a tool for environmental awareness and encouraging sustainable practices in sport.


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