The Green League International Collaborative Workshop on Sport and Environment

Friday 27 January 2023

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From 16th to 19th January a 4-days International Collaborative Workshop was held in Slovenia with 13 participants among sport professionals and project managers coming from 6 different European countries. The aim of these 4 days was to give knowledge and tools to sport professionals on how to enhance the link between sport and environment and collect inputs, useful information and expertise to be used for the development of the Green League Model.

The 4-days workshop started with a 2-days of preliminary training to create the basis of the mutual exchange of information, brainstorming and discussion. We started by presenting the characteristics of ecosystems where most of the sports are played to then connect this to the potential threats to these ecosystems when performing sport. Some hints on the legislations and policies at EU level on sport and environments were also given. Then the training went into the core part of it, by dealing with topics such as:

  • sport impacts on the environment;
  • how to plan and deliver sport activities and events in harmony with the environment;
  • potential of sport sector to raise awareness of the importance of green sport practices.

Each training session was followed by open discussions and brainstorming, giving us the possibility to collect inputs and information from the different expertise, points of views and experiences of the different participants.

After these 2-days of preliminary training, the following 2 days were on the analysis of 24 case studies on environmentally-aware initiatives in sports at EU level, collected by the partners in the previous months and then deeply analysed during the workshop.

These 2-days analysis, not only inspired the sport professional giving them new good practices to be implemented in their daily working life, but also let the consortium collect really useful information to build the Green League Model – a practical model that will guide the implementation of the sporting activities of the next months of the project, namely:

  • 4 natural elements’ sport events – combining sport in nature and reflection on the environment.
  • Relay races and mini-tournaments of team sports – combining sport activity and environmental actions.

All these materials produced, works done, workshop and training reflections and input collection, as well as all the future activities that will be implemented, will be all aimed at raising environmental awareness through sport, contributing at a greener and more aware future. After the 4-days workshop, on 20th January the project partner continued to work on the project for the second consortium meeting, analysing the inputs and information collected during the previous days and discussing on how to organize them in the form of the Green League Model.

In the next months all the materials used during the workshop and enhanced thanks to the workshop, as well as the Green League model that is being developed, will be uploaded into the official project website. Visit to read more!

About the project

Green League – Sport alliance for the environment is a project funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme – cooperation partnership – sport – that aims to improve the link between sport and the environment through experiential learning, promoting outdoor physical activity as a tool for environmental awareness and encouraging sustainable practices in sport.


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