24 environmentally friendly sports practices: help promote environmental education!

Monday 25 September 2023

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What can sports organizations and professionals use to combine outdoor physical activity with environmental protection? Green League, a project that set out to accomplish this goal, has already produced a wealth of materials available online. The latest is the Case Study Collection, a collection of successful European-level best practices related to sport and environmental protection.

Specifically, it is a set of 24 best practices, planned and implemented in each of the project partner countries, plus 4 others at the European level. They are all sports activities that respect the environment in different ways, including in physical activity the collection of waste or simply raising awareness about the importance of protecting the ecosystem.

Best practices were developed and collected by project partners and then presented to sports professionals during the collaborative workshop held in Slovenia in January this year. Thanks to their input, these practices were expanded and completed. Watch the video produced during the workshop, during which the 6 sports professionals had their say on why it is important to improve the link between sports and the environment!

In the Case Study Collection, each good practice presented provides information and guidelines on how to implement activities, what goals to set, and to whom to target events. A description of the challenges faced, the impacts the individual good practices have had, their sustainability, reproducibility, and the lessons they have spread is also provided. In addition, a number of useful resources for carrying out these practices can also be found in the Case Study Collection

Check out the collection at https://green-league.eu/, where the Green League Handbook will also be coming soon. Follow us to receive updates on the materials produced and the nature sports activities being organized in the various partner countries that will see hundreds of young people participating in sports events and environmental reflections!

About the project

Green League – Sport alliance for the environment is a project funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme – cooperation partnership – sport – that aims to improve the link between sport and the environment through experiential learning, promoting outdoor physical activity as a tool for environmental awareness and encouraging sustainable practices in sport.


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