GEA as a starting point for talking about and to Roma communities

Tuesday 1 August 2023

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There are still many marginalized and vulnerable communities in Europe that do not have easy access to quality education, health care and employment opportunities, resulting in poverty and social exclusion.

In order to bridge these gaps, GEA aims to provide sustainable entrepreneurship tools to the most disadvantaged communities, which are often subject to a range of stereotypes and preconceptions. As part of the project, therefore, a conference was held on June 26 at the Mare Memoria Viva Ecomuseum in Palermo to talk about Roma communities.

The well-received and well-attended meeting opened with an introduction to Roma migration flows by Daniele Viktor Leggio, an independent researcher specializing in Roma diasporas, virtual communities, language planning and multilingualism.

This was followed by Daniele Saguto, sociologist and educator, president of In Media Res, a reality that works against educational poverty in Palermo, who spoke about his experience and meeting with Roma youth as part of a project against school dropout in the Palermo area.

Instead, Denis Mehmeti, a representative of the Roma community in Palermo, regaled those present with an account of his experience living in the Favorita Roma camp, dismantled in 2019.

The conference ended with a narration by photographer Marina Galici, author of the photo exhibition “Fiori di Campo: because it was May and those children were like flowers,” through photos taken inside the Roma camp.

Follow us if you are interested in participating in one of our initiatives. Some meetings with Roma youth and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds imprinted on sustainable entrepreneurship will be organized soon. Business proposals will also be conceived and the best idea will be presented in Bucharest by the person who conceived it.

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About the project

GEA – Green Entrepreneurs in Action, funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ cooperation partnership program, aims to impart entrepreneurial skills, to Roma youth and youth from disadvantaged communities, in order to contribute to local community development, in a sustainable way.


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