Dynamic learning and mentoring for adequate training of entrepreneurs with migration background

Sunday 20 November 2022

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What is the right approach to successfully train people with a migration background who want to become entrepreneurs? How should a course be structured and conducted in order to make it interesting, engaging and successful?

These and other questions lay at the basis of the DIBS initial research investigating the entrepreneurial training needs of people with migration background in terms of competences as well as training approaches and methodologies. In order to have a comprehensive idea, the field research part involved opinions and feedback on the topic from migrants, migration professionals, entrepreneurial experts and many more.

The answers to the posed questions were similar in all five partner countries: dynamic learning with many practical activities to deepen theoretical concepts, mentoring activities accompanying learners through a learning-by-doing approach, field visits or paid internship periods were seen as the most adequate learning modality for the target group. Furthermore, specific knowledge which needs to be addressed by such a training included improving the level of the local language, advancing digital skills and knowledge on procedures and local bureaucracy. Finally, it has been found that no specific entrepreneur trainings for the migrant population seem to exist in the partner countries, which makes the DIBS even more necessary.

All results are detailed in the State-of-The-Art Report, which can be found on the DIBS website and in CESIE’s Resources section.

As a next step, project partners are now working on the creation of the educational material for the Digital Inclusive Business School, which will be based on the findings from the initial research and result in a modular training programme, which can be implemented in a face-to-face course facilitated by a mentor or completed autonomously online.

About the project

DIBS – Digital Inclusive Business School is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme, KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for adult education.


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