T-ESSERE PONTI: Enhancing gender-based violence response through empowerment of foreign women

Thursday 9 November 2023

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How to address the issue of gender-based violence with greater awareness? From this question came the T-ESSERE PONTI program, part of the broader COMMUNITY LINKAGE: a project that aims to enhance the provision of services against gender-based violence through the empowerment of foreign women as mentors, trainers and agents of change.

Building bridges of support and awareness

T-ESSERE PONTI brings together a group of 15 foreign women who, through a process of dialogue, training, and empowerment, are becoming leaders and mentors within their communities. These women aim to be crucial reference points for women who are victims or survivors of gender-based violence, offering essential support.

Currently, the group is engaging in discussions and exploring aspects related to the needs and barriers in accessing protection services. These include anti-violence centers, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and other entities working in the field. The main goal of this journey is to propose concrete and tangible improvements to ensure more effective and comprehensive support for those in need.

Building a network of professionals

In this significant journey to enhance the response to gender-based violence, we have already made great strides thanks to the energy and expertise of professionals like you. Several professionals from the sector have participated in in-depth discussions, highlighting critical issues and areas for improvement in the system. These meetings have shown that beyond linguistic barriers that often hinder accessibility to protection services, much of the inaccessibility stems from assumptions and views about “cultures,” influencing unsupportive attitudes.

The construction of a network of professionals is already underway, but we want to further expand this initiative. If you have already participated, we sincerely thank you for your commitment. If anyone else would like to share their experiences, knowledge, and perspectives, you are invited to join this journey.

We recognize that the challenges you face daily in your work contribute to the difficulties in addressing gender-based violence. Therefore, we want to explore together the root causes of these challenges. Every voice matters, and every perspective is essential to developing sustainable and effective solutions.

Con il tuo supporto, T-ESSERE PONTI intende mettere in campo azioni concrete, acquisire strumenti utili e promuovere campagne di sensibilizzazione nella comunità. L’obiettivo finale è quello di migliorare il sistema di presa in carico delle persone vittime di violenza di genere, fornendo un vero e proprio “rifugio” attraverso un approccio olistico.

With your support, T-ESSERE PONTI aims to shape concrete pilot actions, acquire useful tools, and promote awareness campaigns in the community. The ultimate goal is to improve the system of supporting individuals who are victims of gender-based violence, providing a true “haven” through a holistic and comprehensive approach.

Together, we can delve deep into the roots of the issues we face, understand their complex dynamics, and work together to develop innovative strategies for a future without gender-based violence.

If you are interested in collaborating more actively or need further information to participate, please contact us at the email address: tessereponti@cesie.org.

About the project

COMMUNITY LINKAGE – Improving gender-based violence service provision through the empowerment of migrant women as community-based mentors, trainers and agents of change is a project funded by DG Justice – Programme CERV (2021-2027) of the European Commission.


For further information

Read more about COMMUNITY LINKAGE.

Contact Georgia Chondrou: georgia.chondrou@cesie.org.

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