Citizens Xelerator Days: a day to promote active citizenship and a more just society

Thursday 6 June 2024

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The aim of Citizens Xelerator Days is to create events together with citizens focused on civic and democratic participation to generate positive change within communities, promoting the inclusion and empowerment of people experiencing or at risk of exclusion.

In Ciminna, a town in the Sicilian hinterland, on Saturday 25 May CESIE ETS together with Auser Ciminna organised an event to promote democratic and civic participation: the first Citizens Xelerator Day, as part of the Citizen Xelerator project. Actively participating in democratic life is not only a right, but also a responsibility of every European citizen, regardless of age, social background, level of education and country of origin, which is why, in view of the forthcoming European elections, it is important to emphasise these aspects and stir the consciences of citizens with a view to greater awareness and sense of responsibility.

Participants had the opportunity to discuss and reflect on how their participation can positively influence local, regional and national policies. The initiative showed how the active involvement of citizens in the realisation of events is a winning strategy in the creation of greater democratic participation, as civic and democratic engagement is fundamental to building a more inclusive and just society, where every voice has a chance to be heard and make a difference, and the recognition of the right and duty to vote is one of these tools.

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About Citizens Xelerator

Citizens Xelerator – For democratic and civic participation is a project funded by the EACEA – ERASMUS-EDU-2022-PI-FORWARD program.


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