Two successful years with InclusionToC: Theory of Change trainings continue

Friday 31 May 2024

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After two years of intensive work, InclusionToC has achieved important goals through collaboration with the San Vito Foundation and the Futura Formazione Institute in the Mazara area. We have explored new needs and structured effective collaborations that will lead to the implementation of numerous activities in the coming months. Thanks to this project, we were able to invite several women with migrant backgrounds to Palermo for an exchange of best practices with other participants in local initiatives, creating a valuable bridge between Sicilian communities.

The materials produced during the course of the project are of paramount importance in the inclusion of migrant and refugee people in the VET pipeline.

The platform is a key resource, offering preliminary studies conducted in project partner countries, self-assessment tests for VET institutions, the Theory of Change information materials for VET staff, and a course – translated into six languages – on leadership, personal development and empowerment for women with migrant backgrounds. These materials are essential for fostering the inclusion of migrant and refugee people in the educational system and vocational training.

Our commitment to equitable inclusion strategies continues to grow, aiming to develop the social capital of people arriving in our country. We are convinced that sharing knowledge and experiences among different territorial realities will lead to positive and lasting results for all communities involved.

About the Project

InclusionToC – Theory of Change for the Inclusion of Women Migrants in VET is a project that aims to use the Theory of Change (TOC) to promote the inclusion of disadvantaged groups such as migrant women in education and vocational training. Its primary objective is to enhance the skills of the staff and trainers of vocational training centers in using TOC. The project also aims to raise awareness among staff and trainers of the obstacles related to the intersection of migration and gender inequalities and seeks to develop an approach aimed at co-designing curricula within vocational training institutes.


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