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Monday 31 October 2011

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GameOnAt the beginning of November an exciting new interactive internet game aimed at young people will be launched. “The Big Brain” takes place in a virtual town which has been taken over by Big Brain and his armies, intent on dominating public media and controlling the internet. Players must defeat Big Brain and his armies in order to protect the future of the internet for everybody. Players will come up against viruses, phishers, scammers, people using false identities and cyberbullies as they journey through the game.

The game combines this fun adventure with interactive learning about internet safety, and players must decide how best to deal with real-life challenges they might face when using the internet in order to win tools which will help them progress through the game.

“The Big Brain” provides a unique opportunity for young people to not only learn about internet safety in a fun way, but also to contribute to the creation of a theatrical production, which will be based on the outcomes of the internet game, and toured next year.

We invite young people (particularly aged 14-16) to meet the challenge of “The Big Brain”, equip themselves with the tools to safely manage new technologies and contribute to this exciting creative project. “The Big Brain” will be accessible through the project website.

This game is an output of the “Virtual Stages Against Violence” project, funded by European Commission through the Daphne III Programme, aimed at empowering young people to unlock the positive potential of new technology by equipping them with the tools they need to minimise risks online.

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