Women and politics, challenges and opportunities: the first FEM-ABLE workshop in Palermo

Tuesday 11 June 2024

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FEM-ABLE is committed to advancing equal representation and participation of individuals in political and decision-making processes. To further this goal, a recent workshop titled “National Strategy on Gender Equality” took place on May 13 at Palazzo Comitini in Palermo. The workshop, endorsed by the Metropolitan City of Palermo, attracted a diverse range of participants, including politicians, legal experts, and representatives from various organizations.

A strategic framework at the national level

Based on extensive research, FEM-ABLE has developed a strategic framework focused on promoting gender equality through a comprehensive and multifaceted approach.

This strategic plan encompasses a set of legislative proposals, educational initiatives, and collaborative efforts. By putting these measures into action, FEM-ABLE seeks to eliminate obstacles to women’s involvement, foster awareness among stakeholders and the general public, and establish networks and partnerships to bolster gender equality endeavors.

A debate on inclusiveness and representation

The challenges and opportunities that emerged during the research phase, were of inspiration for a card game session. Participants enlivened the debate with different proposals for progress in equality. Some of the proposals put forward were focused on ensuring fair access to leadership positions through affirmative action, implementing social welfare policies to help ease caregiving responsibilities for women, strengthening measures for equal pay, and advocating educational programs to address gender bias from an early age.

Throughout the workshop, numerous presenters emphasized the significance of establishing a more inclusive and representative democratic system and provided valuable perspectives on ongoing initiatives and future strategies. Discussions delved into some of the critical issues that characterize current measures, highlighting the need for structural, social, and cultural change. The speakers underscored the necessity of actionable steps to advance equity in reaching leadership positions.

The speakers also emphasized the crucial role of women’s voices in political decision-making to enrich the diversity of views and improve the quality of decisions. They discussed the need to promote a culture of respect and equality, which involves changing attitudes and social norms that perpetuate gender bias.

Keywords for a fairer future

During the meeting, participants provided a wide range of interconnected concepts in response to the question “What are the keywords you associate with women, politics, and participation?”. Some of the key concepts included rights, battle, equity, progress, justice, cooperation, inclusiveness, coherence, commitment, and democracy.

The keywords reflect the reality of gender equality in politics. In fact, it does not simply address the issue of equity, but also those of social justice and building a balanced society in which everyone has an equal chance to have a voice and be heard. The project is in line with Italy’s democratic values and principles and paves the way for a future where gender equality is the norm and not a battle.

FEM-ABLE continues working to raise awareness and establish political alliances to uphold this cultural, social, and structural transformation. The project will continue opening dialogues on the root causes of inequality, and move towards a more inclusive and just society.

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About the project

FEM-ABLE – Promoting women’s participation in the political domain is a project funded by Citizens, Equality, Rights and Value Programme (CERV), which aims to fostering the equal participation and representation of women and men in political decision making by developing and implementing national and European gender equality strategies.


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