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Thursday 24 March 2016

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Children Matter! JudEx+ for Child-Friendly Justice The right of children to have their say in judicial procedures that affect them is stated by article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child [UNCRC] and the CoE Convention on the Protection of children Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. The JudEx+ project promotes the improvement of procedures towards the involvement of children in making decisions in cases where they are directly or indirectly involved.

“JudEx+: Towards a child-friendly justice in cases of sexual violence against children” is a two-year project co-financed by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the DG Justice of the European Commission, and coordinated by Hope for Children UNCRC Policy Center (Cyprus).

The project partners, including Know&Can (Bulgaria), Frederick University (Cyprus), CESIE (Italy), Folkuniversitetet (Sweden), University of Primorska (Slovenia) and Rinova (UK), were invited to Nicosia, Cyprus by the project coordinator to officially kick off the project between January 15th and 16th 2016. JudEx+ aims to improve the experience of children who enter the judicial system when they have been abused. It does so by skilling up the professionals working with children in legal procedures, and by informing the children about their rights and the judicial process in a child-friendly way.

The consortium has already begun compiling the first project outputs, i.e. a research report on the situation of children’s involvement in judicial procedures in the partner countries, and a report on the experience of children involved in such proceedings.

The first results, combined with the results of the consultations with professionals in the project countries and the findings from the interviews with children victims of sexual violence, will contribute to the development of a training course for professionals from the legal, health and education areas to transfer competences and knowledge of the rights of the children to be heard, their needs related to their development, and the social context.

Updates on the project will be published here and on the project website, which will be available shortly.

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