Perugia – Assisi Peace March and Forum

Monday 3 May 2010

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CESIE would like to remind you that a Peace Forum is organized in Perugia on the14th and 15th of May 2010 , the day before the Perugia – Assisi Peace March.

The Peace March is an important instrument for developing and promoting a culture of nonviolence, partially created thanks to the contributions of Aldo Capitini and Danilo Dolci.

More than five thousand young people, teachers, representatives of groups and organizations, journalists and local administrators coming from all over Italy will meet to rediscover what “peacemaking” actually means, from their own neighbourhoods to the UN, acknowledging and sharing mutual responsibilities.

The heart of the Forum is men and women’s personal stories, victims of poverty and injustice, wars and violence who now represent civil commitment on the main social, political, environmental and cultural issues of our times.

The Peace Forum is expected to be a great opportunity to exchange and look into several issues and problems: citizenship, Constitution, peace, war and wars, poverty, human rights, school and education, television, news-media, work, mafias, immigration, new Italians, nonviolence, disarmament, politics, mother earth, climate and environment, culture, fear, justice, freedom, economics, common goods, water, responsibilities and hope.

During the Forum there will be two meetings: National School Meeting for peace “Citizenship and Constitution” and Youngsters Meeting for peace; conferences, debates, seminaries and peace lessons.
140 schools of every order and sort are going to participate in the “Citizenship and Constitution” National Schools Meeting for peace, almost every Italian region.

The Youths Meeting main focus is the “100 youngsters for peace” project. The project aims to collect 100 stories of young people from all over the country who share the values of justice, human rights, solidarity, nonviolence, peace, responsibility and freedom.

On Sunday 16th of May the Peace March will start from Perugia at 9 a.m.
It must also be mentioned that the Peace Table, in order to promote shared communication and be the voice of many stories nowadays relegated to silence, and in order to publicise the Perugia – Assisi March, is launching the “Shoot your ideal commercial for the March” contest, giving a chance to whoever is interested in getting involved and playing an important role in the event.. The best commercial will be screened on the stage of Rocca Maggiore di Assisi on the16th of May 2010 and will also be broadcast on TV and on the website Rainews24.

For further information or enrolment:
Peace Table, via della viola 1 (06122) Perugia – Tel. 075/5736890
– fax 075/5739337 – email