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Wednesday 16 November 2011

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Volontari SeniorIn September, October and November 2011 CESIE and Pistes Solidaires (Marseille) have sent and hosted reciprocally nine senior volunteers for five weeks.

The work program was focused on the theme of sustainable development, sustainable tourism and consumption, recycling and legality.

In Marseille the 6 Italian volunteers hosted have collaborated in the following activities in Recyclodrome, Artisans du Monde, Jardins des Aures, l’Epicerie paysanne: organization of the fair trade shop and commerce; care and promotion of a public garden; workshop: creating crafts from recycled materials.

In Palermo the 3 French volunteers have worked in the following activities in ALI Cooperativa and other local associations: the development of a video on the waste in Palermo, knowledge of the urban routes of legality and sustainable consumption in Palermo, knowledge of local intercultural contexts.

The senior volunteers helped to enrich the local community and the work of the host associations, through their experiences, their constructive feedback and participation.

Furthermore, they discovered and/or expanded their interest in another cultures and languages. In fact, most of the volunteers expressed their desire to continue to study French or Italian.

The non-formal events fostered intercultural and intergenerational dialogue and fun, thanks to the participation of Sustainior senior volunteers, EVS volunteers, senior volunteers of senior volunteering project (PORTA NUOVA) and neighbors!

Per further informations contact Stefania Giambelluca

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