Porta d’Europa: opportunità di mobilità

Wednesday 30 June 2010

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logo-sveCESIE offers the following opportunities:

“Paradise 2010”

Berlin – Germany 13th – 22nd July 2010

Youth Exchange on the discovering of cultures and traditions through images and sounds of our cities.

The participants will analyse and discover the different cultural, social and traditional aspects of Berlin and the own city, collecting images and sounds in squares and streets. Finally they will develop a video.

Age: 18-25


Lützensömmern – Germany (25th July- 2nd august 2010)

Youth Exchange on cultures traffic and intercultural dialogue and incidents.

The participants will somehow “interfere” the traffic and make people aware that when different cultures meet it´s normal to have “little accidents” but the important thing is to be open and stay tolerant and don’t discriminate.

Age: 17-25

“All Rise for Human Rights”

Sofia – Bulgaria 31.07-06.08.2010

Training Course on Human Rights for youngsters and adults.

Age: no restrictions

For further info please contact scambiculturali@cesie.org

Palermo as a person. Exhibition of Marija Biljan

Palermo as a person. Exhibition of Marija Biljan

“Palermo come persona” è una mostra di storie illustrate di Palermo. Per sette mesi, abbiamo chiesto ad abitanti stabili e temporanei di immaginare come sarebbe stata Palermo, se fosse una persona: avrebbe un sesso definito, che aspetto avrebbe, quale sarebbe la sua personalità…?

Training opportunities for young migrants

Training opportunities for young migrants

In CESIE, a training on employability has been started and it is addressed to young migrants hosted by some communities for unaccompanied minors and SPRAR for adults, located in Palermo. The training course is made by 8 meetings, 2 times per week, implemented in...