Our research has been accepted by the EMAB 14th conference

Thursday 1 July 2021

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Digitalization, Covid-19 response and rural resilience: during the past months CESIE’s contribution to LIVERUR focused on these key issues. We have been working at a research paper whose abstract has been accepted by the EMAB 14th conference!

The covid-19 pandemic outburst and the innumerable issues most traditional business models faced to respond and adapt to it, has shown the clear competitive advantage of digital business and digital solutions providers. The digital industry has been one among few which actually expanded during the planetary pandemic response.

Strong of our research on weaknesses and challenges of rural business models (D2.3) and curious about digitalization’s role in rural areas resilience we have had the impulse to find out more, supported by our LIVERUR partners. We had access to firsthand data and information from 12 pilot regions across Europe and we had many questions to ask them.

The main point of our research has been the pilot regions’ experience with the pandemic. Here we wanted to understand what has changed as a consequence of it. Then we explored the solutions and ideas put in place by these businesses to address the issue and cut the losses. Then we asked how much of a role did digital solutions (Technology, knowledge, infrastructures) play as resilience factor.

These interviews, together with a review of recent literature constitutes the main body of our research, which will be soon published and presented during the 14th Annual Euromed Academy Of Business (ΕMAB) Conference which will take place online on the 22-24 of September 2021.

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LIVERUR, Horizon 2020. Liverur core concept is to foster rural areas development through the living lab approach. The approach is based on a multi-stakeholder engagement process to foster knowledge sharing and innovation. LIVERUR Living Labs seek to support rural business by introducing technological innovation, circular economy and sustainability into their business models.


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