How to avoid a learning lockdown online? Find out at the 10th REVEAL conference

Tuesday 1 December 2020

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Accelerated digitalisation has brought challenges and opportunities for activities in all sectors. How can we foster the visual, swift and expansive potential of online tools whilst preserving the collaborative, creative and social prospects that face to face interactions provide? How could those innovative digital formats contribute to solving some of the issues caused by the COVID-19 crisis?

These are the questions addressed by 10th international REVEAL conference “How to avoid a learning lockdown online. Creativity, Innovation and Digitalisation at the interface between education, volunteering and business”. This year we will bring together professionals from formal and informal education, businesses, chambers, NGOs, National Agencies, the EACEA, volunteers and students from all over Europe to focus on new approaches to embed creative, innovative and digitally supported learning approaches in various educational contexts.

The 10th REVEAL conference is organised as 2-day online event, giving you the chance to experience innovative digital conferencing and networking formats within our projects and communities. There will be keynotes, interactive collaboration formats and appropriate opportunities for informal meetings, exchange and social moments. In the evening session we will also offer intercultural online encounters to make this year’s conference a great experience for you!

Read the conference program here.

The conference comes with a virtual exhibition, meeting and networking spaces for students, volunteers and enterprises and development workshops for ERASMUS projects in the new funding period. Again, you may win the my-VITA award for the most creative and innovative learning project and pitch in front of 120 experts from all over Europe.

The 10th REVEAL conference is organized in collaboration with CIM project, of which CESIE is a partner, PITCH and Job Bridge projects, and will be held online on 10 and 11 December 2020.


We look forward to welcoming you in December!

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