Innovations for financial autonomy of Universities in Kyrgyzstan: inauguration of the Skills Development Center

Thursday 8 February 2024

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The Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov recently hosted a significant event, marking the inauguration of the Skills Development Center as part of the project “Development of Financial Autonomy of Universities in Kyrgyzstan” (DEFA), funded by the Erasmus+ program. Following the center’s opening ceremony, a round table discussion ensued, bringing together key stakeholders and experts to deliberate on critical issues surrounding the financial autonomy of universities in Kyrgyzstan.

The primary goal of the round table was to explore avenues for enhancing financial autonomy in Kyrgyzstan’s universities. Representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Finance, Erasmus+ office, university leadership, and other stakeholders participated in person or online, fostering a diverse and comprehensive dialogue.

Distinguished speakers, including Azamat Naimanbaev from the Ministry of Education and Science, Abdylda Musaev of the Association of Universities of Kyrgyzstan, and Nurgul Kasenova from the Erasmus+ office, emphasized the imperative of bolstering financial independence amid the globalized economy and evolving labor market.

Nurlan Omurov, the project manager, presented the DEFA project’s core objectives:

  • Develop a flexible and effective model of financial autonomy to enable universities to mobilize and manage resources efficiently.
  • Pilot and expand a new system of university self-government, fostering increased financial autonomy.
  • Enhance strategic management, ensuring financial stability, motivation, and human resource development.

The DEFA project consortium, comprising 12 Kyrgyz universities, Otto-Von-Guericke-Universitaet – OVGU (Germany), Universita Degli Studi di Firenze – UNIFI (Italy), and CESIE, has achieved significant milestones, including a strategic development plan, a roadmap for financial autonomy implementation, and a model for financial autonomy in Kyrgyzstan.

Professor Elena Gori from the University of Florence discussed the development and implementation of financial plans for universities, while Professor Erkin Boronbaev of KSTU presented insights on the international QS ranking and its tools, adding depth to the discussion.

The round table facilitated a robust discussion on the challenges and prospects for university autonomy in Kyrgyzstan, acknowledging its direct impact on the institutions’ quality of development. As the DEFA project continues to unfold, it promises to reshape the financial landscape of Kyrgyz universities, empowering them for a dynamic and sustainable future.

About the project

DEFA – Development of financial autonomy of universities in Kyrgyzstan is a project funded by the program DG EAC, Erasmus+, KA2 Capacity Building Higher Education. It has the objective of implementing a reform of the financial management systems of Kyrgyzstan universities that favors greater university autonomy, competitiveness and innovation.


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