Sport and peer-coaching: learn how to bring positive change!

Friday 9 October 2020

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Do you want to change the way you look at sports? To imagine a way in which fun and organization are joined together to achieve positive change? Join our training on Sports and Peer-Coaching!

Peer-Coaching is a teaching method that puts teachers and learners on the same level, letting them share their experiences and grow together as professionals. It’s ideal in amateurial sports because its principles can be learned quickly and may help everyone to have more fun and to learn new information while playing.

Everybody has something to teach, everybody has experiences to share. Using Peer Coaching is possible to achieve important results in an informal context where you learn by your peers. Just listening to your peers, to your community you learn how to become a member of it and even a leader.

Following your peers’ example it is possible to strengthen community links, to organize both fun and job environments, to develop or to recover those feelings of trust that are very much needed to achieve results in your life and your profession. Even more in sport where the result of the whole group is more important than the one of the single player. Thus it is very important to understand the weaknesses of the group to solve them quickly and without pain. Grow up together as a community building self-confidence, self-consciousness and talents.

WHEN: October 28th and 29th 2020, 15:00 – 17,30

WHERE: Cesie office, via Roma 94, Palermo

PARTICIPANTS PROFILE: young people (16-30 years old) with immigrant background.

Participation is completely free and does not require any particular knowledge but the will to play and have fun new experiences.


  • How to organize a sport event?
  • What to remember when you are organizing an amatorial event?
  • How to improve the performances of single athletes and of the whole team?
  • What are the typical problems and unforeseen events that may happen?


At the end of this training you will have new knowledge about the organization of such events ensuring the entertainment of all the participants. You will learn to use one of the few real super powers of human beings: cooperation.


After the training you will receive a participation certificate and you will have the chance to join our next sport events in the month of November.


Reserve your place at the training by sending your name to the email before October 21th or calling the number 3288434266

About the project

YIBinS – Youth with immigrant background in Sport is cofunded Erasmus+ Sport: Support to Collaborative Partnerships.


The partnership is composed by 6partners all across Europe:

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