Storytelling becomes paper: invitation to the vernissage of the exhibition “Storytelling through photography.”

Friday 17 May 2024

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A month of studying photography, collecting stories and photographic materials was not enough for us. We want to share with you the result of the meetings that saw the participation of a composite group of passionate photographers in the workshop organized together with the photographer Carlotta Magliocco in the spaces of Kamera Photo Lab, in Vicolo Cefalà, in Palermo.

Thanks to the energetic and healing potential of storytelling, EUCARES, aimed at promoting the use of storytelling techniques in informal education contexts, has allowed fifteen people to acquire training on analog photography in order to dissect the concept of “urban conflict”, socialize it and thus activate paths that aim at the growth of social justice and its application in the city.

The project started from the observation of a lack of memory in the phases following the great conflicts that our societies went through at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In particular, in Palermo, efforts have focused on conflicts of our present: on conflicts involving migrants and refugees who decide to or find themselves settling in our city. Through storytelling, in this case, EU CARES aims to promote methodologies and tools aimed at addressing the issue of social reconciliation.

The result of the work of a consortium whose majority comes from the Western Balkans, the theme of conflict is not limited to its most immediate meaning, war, but is therefore declined in different ways in the different partner countries.

At the end, therefore, of this training course on analog photography, which saw the participants confront themselves with the shooting, development and printing of different types of films with different supports, we are therefore pleased to invite you to the vernissage to be held on May 25 at 6:30 pm in Vicolo Cefalà, at Kamera Photo Lab.

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EU CARES – EUropean Collective narratives for Reconciliation and trauma healing through youth engagement and Storytelling is a project funded by ERASMUS-YOUTH-2022-CB, Erasmus+ Capacity Buildin. EU-CARES aims to empower youth workers and increase their competences to foster youth participation and engagement, intercultural understanding and solidarity and contribute to the reconciliation process in the Western Balkans through storytelling.


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The EU-CARES vernissage: urban conflict in analog photography

The EU-CARES vernissage: urban conflict in analog photography

I would photograph double-parked cars, fancy parking lots, crosswalks, broken pipes, dirt, debris, falling buildings and murals. These images, which emerged from EU-CARES’ “Storytelling through Photography” workshop, depict urban conflict on the way from home to work. The Kamera Lab analog photography workshop displayed the participants’ creations, attracting and engaging passersby.