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Wednesday 23 October 2013

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I risultati del progetto BODY  – no limits, all you can read!After two years of research and activities within the BODY project (LLP, Grundtvig  – adult education), the Consortium is glad to promote its final results. Download the overview or browse the website.

The BODY project engaged in exploring the impact of cultural differences related to body, health, gender and sexuality in adult training activities. Based on a participatory research relying on adult trainers’ own experiences the Consortium developed approaches and tools that help the integration of relevant cultural differences in adult trainings’ content and methodology to make the trainings a source of personal and social development and a space for intercultural dialogue.


First and foremost, we would like to thank to Margalit Cohen-Emerique, for the valuable guidance and advice. She inspired us greatly to work in this project.

We take immense pleasure in thanking for having contributed sharing their knowledge, experiences and their ideas:

Best practices: Virág Kováts, Yehuda Stolov, Elisabeth Vedel, Susanne Kaastrup, Anne Kaaber,  VéroniqueBlouet, Marjolaine Lonfis, Zsolt Virág, Sid Jordan and Megan Kennedy, Nicolai Ardal, Marielle Martinez, Michele Jones, Ana Carla Rodrigues Afonso, Greet Conix, Lucy McCullagh, Paul Arnauts, Carlo Depreytere, Marije Costeur, Vera Szabó, Victor Allen, T.E.E.M, Susanne Lund Christiansen, Guerin Philippe.

Anthology: Naveed Baig, Stephanie Torbøl, Birgit Petersson, Noemi De Luca, Cristoforo Spinella, Dora Djamila Mester, Jim Bender, Stefanie Talley and Inge Huysmans.

For the collection of Critical Incidents we would like to thank all adult trainers and project managers that attended the Focus Groups and local pilot workshops. Special thanks to Clarisse Dane, merci!

Finally, we would also to thank the international BODY Consortium members for their cooperation, high team spirit and motivation to carry out this project work.

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