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Thursday 20 January 2011

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EDDILIThe EDDILI network of ALS aims at promoting more coordinated approaches among ALS within the adult education field, to share experience and lessons learned and chart future activities and projects together.

As a final valorization part of the EDDILI training courses an international seminar has been held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, hosted by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, on 26 – 29 September 2010. The seminar brought together adult learners, trainers and adult learning staff as well as European, national, regional and local experts in the field of adult education. It offered thematic key speeches and reflections about the future challenges facing adult education in Europe. During the meeting in Rotterdam project coordinators, trainers and ALS worked on networking together by giving inputs and encouraging ALS to set up and develop a network between them.

The facebook group has open access to everybody interested.

Everybody is invited to join the network and post links of interest about adult education field in Europe, such us projects, activities, international/national events, conferences, workshop and training courses on the theme as well as everything that may raise discussions and collective interest about adult education in Europe.

ALS who attended the EDDILI TC are invited to exchange personal experiences and impressions about the RMA, as well as to share reflections on potential follow-up.

The facebook group includes link to the EDDILI web-site, the e-learning platform, updating of the next EDDILI project phases as well as the future prototype and the final manual on RMA as results of the project.

Please join the Eddili-Network of ALS and click on I like that

If you want to learn more about EDDILI, please visit the web site or contact Fausto Amico fausto.amico@danilodolci.org