“Creative Learning Communities”: testing phase is concluded!

Tuesday 15 January 2013

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‘Creative Learning Communities’ (CLC) is a project funded by Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci 2011- 2013, Development of Innovation, and it has been designed to foster  teaching and learning pathways aimed to develop competences such as entrepreneurship, sense of initiative and innovation. The project involves associations, companies, and foundations operating in Austria, Italy, Malta, Poland and England.

In November, the partners of the project and therefore CESIE involved ten teachers in the testing phase of the prototype developed, which is a digital platform (toolbox) containing various instruments of work and in-depth analysis on transversal competences. Invited to verify its validity as part of e-learning, teachers have highlighted the strengths and weaknesses, which will be taken into account in the definition of the final product. They expressed the appreciation with interesting comments of this type of projects and working tools, typically aimed to support vocational and educational training. At the same time the trainer underlined the necessity for greater innovation and flexibility in this area, in order to respond more adequately to the real needs of today’s society, as also strongly supported by the European Commission.

The results from this new phase have been developed in a national report, which represents a further step in the development phase conducted at a European level. By the end of January, two  multipliers workshops, for twenty teachers, will be lead in order to involve a greater number of trainers and institutions in the process of dissemination of the final product of the project and to enjoy its benefits.

To have more information on CLC contact partnership@cesie.org