Creative Learning Communities: researching phase is concluded

Thursday 15 September 2011

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Questionario‘Creative Learning Communities’ (CLC) is a project financed by Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci 2011-2013, Development of Innovation, and it has been designed in order to explore and improve teaching and learning pathways aimed at the acquisition of competences such as entrepreneurship, sense of initiative and innovation. The Project involved associations , companies, and foundations operating in Austria, Italy, Malta, Poland and England.

In July, each partner interviewed VET trainers and VET learners (already engaged and potential ones) to investigate their real needs. CESIE involved ten VET trainers, five VET learners and five potential VET learners. Interviewees dealt with different topics relative to the acquisition of transversal competences, to the VET system in which they operate and to the potentialities of new teaching and learning approaches.

The research’s results have been elaborated in a national report, that is a part of the need analysis that will be carried out at European level. The European study will provide the partnership the basis to create “Creative Learning Communities” which will be able to respond to the VET sector’s real needs.

Anyone willing to participate to the future phases of the project or who just wants to receive further information on CLC Project, please contact Silvia Ciaperoni (,