Creative Learning Communities – Final meeting in Poland

Monday 18 March 2013

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CLC - Incontro finaleCreative Learning Communities (CLC) is a project funded by the Lifelong Learning programme, Leonardo Da Vinci 2011 – 2013, Development of Innovation, and it was conceived to explore and improve the teaching and learning processes aiming at the acquisition of competences such as pro-activeness, sense of initiative and innovation. The Project involves  associations, companies and foundations operating in Austria, Italy, Malta, Poland and England.

The closing meeting was held between the 26th and the 28th of February in Rzeszów, Poland, where the partners took part to a three-day event, according to the following schedule: Tuesday 26th, fourth transnational meeting (management and organisation meeting), Wednesday 27th, European Seminar involving local stakeholders, teachers, trainers and students primarily, but also experts of creative thinking, and finally Thursday February 28th, European Workshop conducted interactively.

Throughout these moments, the attention was focused on the project idea “Creative Learning Communities” whose original aim is to strengthen the link between vocational training courses and the labour world, introducing to teachers, students and young people outside the education system new methods aiming at the development of creativity and of entrepreneurial skills as well as the will to adopt methods and tools related to creative thinking in other fields too.

The positive feedback received by participants locally but also by the “guests” brought by each Organisation, make us optimistic about the follow-up of the project life, during the sustainability round, when an assessment will be carried out about the actual impact of “CLC” in the different countries and contexts in which it can be adopted.

For further information about CLC please contact or visit the website