Born in Malta the “Creative Learning Communities” prototype

Monday 16 April 2012

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“Creative Learning Communities” (CLC) is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme LLP, Leonardo da Vinci 2011-2013, Development of Innovation, aimed at fostering teaching and learning paths for the acquisition of competencies such as entrepreneurship, sense of initiative and innovation. The project involves realities which work in Austria, Italy, Malta, Poland and United Kingdom.

At the beginning of April, the partners met in Malta to define how to respond to the needs arisen during the researching phase among educators and students from different vocational training institutes. Thanks to an active collaboration of all the participants, a “prototype” of what will be an innovative tool in vocational education, it was created. In particular, its digital mode development will contain existing and new educational tools that can be used both in the acquisition of the previously mentioned competences and within an interactive platform for experience and resource sharing.

In order to test the “prototype”, CESIE will be selecting, during the next months, 10 VET trainers who will have the chance to actively take part in the process of revision and improvement of the educational tool.


Anyone willing to take part in the testing phase of the project or simply wanting to get more information on the CLC, please don’t hesitate to contact

Besides, anyone wanting to see the results of the researching phase conducted in Italy can find the report in its full version here, both in italian and in english.