e-needd meetingWith the Istanbul meeting of the 5th November took place the final conference of the E-NEEDD, Comenius Multilateral at Bahcehesir University.

E-NEEDD developed a comparative study among the participating partner countries (Uned, UHM, FECC.OO from Spain, Universidade Aberta, Universidade Catolica de Braga from Portugal, Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi (USGM) and Centro Studi e Iniziative Europeo (CESIE) from Italy, Colegiul National “Fratii Buzesti” and “Petre Andrei” of Iasi University from Romania and the University of Bahcesehir from Turkey) regarding preventive interventions as well as the identification and dissemination of the best practices, creating an early detection scale about drug-consumption, drawing up and evaluating a training program in relation to prevention and counselling regarding drug-consumption addressed to secondary school teachers and designing a web site for the diffusion of the contents related to the project.

Gregor Burkhart, representative of the European Monitoring Center for Drug and Drug Addiction, presented the synergies between the EMCDDA and the E-NEEDD project.

Aim of the conference was to disseminate and giving visibility to the final products of the project: Evaluation Instruments Database;  Prevention Programs Database;  E-book Preventing Drug Abuse;  Comparative report on the prevalence of drug use among children and young people and their consumption habits;  Report on best practices in preventive intervention at schools; Early detection scale for risk factors of drug use.

For more information contact Luisa Ardizzone luisa.ardizzone@cesie.org

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