Greentrepreneurship – Easier done than said – Manual

The aim of this Manual is to benchmark the term and the idea of Greentrepreunership. It is meant for young people, motivated to be and act green. The manual does not aspire to be a comprehensive volume on all the competences and knowledge that are needed to be a Greentrepreneur, it wants to present and introduce the idea and the term and especially provide vocabulary and assessment methods to determine what a green start up business is.

The content:

  • ABOUT GREENTREPRENEURSHIP: the current situation, demography and resources, profit and Environmental costs, GDP and inequality, sustainable development model.
  • HOW TO BECOME A GREEN ENTREPRENEUR: how to develop a business idea? When a business idea is green? The competence model of a Greentrepreneur.
  • PRACTICAL TOOLS: Business plan development tool, assessment tool of green, useful resources.

Target: NGOs, youth workers, young people and NEETs

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