EFC – Guidelines – Improving mobility activities

The guidelines “Improving mobility activities: EVS and Jobshadowing” is the main result of the capacity building project “Gender equality through global capacity building” (Erasmus+, KA2).

These guidelines introduce general characteristics of two mobility activities cofounded by the programme Erasmus +: EVS and Job Shadowing;  it highlights important steps and recommendations that might be helpful to think of before the implementation of the mobility activities in order to avoid or easily overcome possible obstacles and challenges. Moreover, the guidelines present some useful examples of non-formal methods for working with (female) youth, aiming to enlarge their working perspective and improve competences that are necessary for an individual to become an active citizen and to make a change in the field of gender inequality. Guidelines are meant for youth workers and organisations, motivated to apply for a Erasmus + project which include mobility activities between program and partner countries.

Target: NGOs, youth worker

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